Design & Analysis (D&A)

The Design & Analysis (D&A) Division designs and develops tests of ability/aptitude as well as professional knowledge and finalises all tests including translated versions, as required, for every examination. Verification of accuracy of test items, analysis of psychometric properties of test items and finalisation of right answer key for result processing is carried out by D&A. The division is also responsible for upload of test content for dissemination to sanitised candidate systems.

D&A is thus responsible for preparation of test batteries, validation of test items and finalisation of answer key with the necessary inbuilt checks.


Research & Development (R&D)

The Research and Development (R&D) Division develops and conducts simulation-based assessments such as Group Exercises and Assessment Centres to identify of managerial potential. The Division hosts a full-fledged library, maintains a repository of standardised psychological tests, provides support for carrying out research, undertakes relevant supportive research and is responsible for various publications of the Institute. Such as its annual report, in-house magazines & research journals. It also maintains a database of experts in various domains. and is responsible for evaluation of descriptive paper component of examinations. Academic programmes such as Ph.D. Programme affiliated to SNDT Women’s University and professional development sessions are co-ordinated by the R&D Division.


Client Relations (CR)

The Client Relations (CR) Division comprises two functional units to handle unique client requirements – Client Relations-I (PSBs & RRBs) and Client Relations-II (All other organisations) and works closely with all stakeholders for conceptualisation and execution of projects – recruitment, promotion, placement, selection and certification. The Division co-ordinates and liaises between Client Organisations, internal divisions and service providers and provides professional inputs for scheduling and structuring each project to ensure rigour, fairness and objectivity. The Client Relations Division also devises project timelines and monitors adherence to these, prepares instructions and guidelines related to test administration procedures for candidates and all relevant personnel involved in the process as well as finalises decisions related to equating and use of unfair means.


Technology Support Services (TSS)

Technology Support Services (TSS) Division is responsible for activities related to handling of candidate data prior to assessment and for result processing. The divisions co-ordinates and handles development of online application formats as per project requirements, processes application data, processes examination data such as candidate responses, generates reports for scoring, item analysis reports, equating reports and use of unfair means reports and processes results as per the requirements finalised by client organisations in accordance with government guidelines, as applicable. TSS co-ordinates with online registration and test delivery partners to ensure security and integrity in online application and online examination processes, handles in-house software development requirements as well as procurement, maintenance and upgradation of all  computer systems and the  data centre of the Institute. 



The Administration Division handles personnel functions of recruitment, training, performance management and general administration as per the Institute’s laid down policies and practices.   The Division also has a Legal section to handle all the Institute’s legal matters and compliance with applicable regulations as well as to liaise with legal counsel. The Administration Division is also responsible for overseeing all matters pertaining to Security & Vigilance as well as Maintenance of the Institute’s Premises, infrastructure and assets.


Financial & Allied Services(F&AS)

The Financial & Allied Services (F&AS) Divisions prepares the financial statements and reports of financial performance and communicates to key internal and external stakeholders of the Institute. The Division is responsible for ensuring Audit and Taxation compliances, management of the Institute’s funds and payroll. F&AS also handles purchase and stores related functions and has a section to co-ordinate handling candidate grievance redressal. CSR activities of the Institute are also handled by the F&AS Division.

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